As moms, we are pulled in so many directions and are often short of resources, whether it be time, focus, or money. I get it and I know that taking the time to do something well can also be vexing. Therefore, this week, I wanted to share a simple tool I found that has helped me meal plan and prep like never before.

I’ll be honest: I’ve never been much of a meal planner. It’s usually a scramble at 5 o’clock to see what we have and what I can make quickly and hopefully, it’s healthy too. Even before marriage and kids, I went to the grocery store, wandered the aisles, and tried to remember whatever I needed (or thought I needed) to restock my bare cabinets at home. I will also admit that when I was working full-time and traveling, I would often eat out (trying to choose healthy most of the time) simply because it was easier and I wasn’t home often enough (or planned regularly enough) to make a good homecooked meal for one.

Then enters marriage and kids and things got a lot more complicated. We often eat at home now, but recycling the same 3 recipes from my childhood was getting old. In January of this year, I vowed to do better for both me and my family.

That’s when I discovered eMeals.

eMeals has helped simplify my planning, shopping, and cooking like never before. I now simply hop on my phone, look at the pictures of which meal looks good and healthy (and easy is a requirement for my cooking skills), and then I save it. It automatically saves a grocery list for me, which I then review and check off any items I already have. eMeals logo

Once I’ve completed my grocery store list (which is a real thing now and doesn’t just exist in my head), I have the app connected to my store of choice and bam, groceries are in my cart in an instant. I review my selection, check out, and then go pick it up. It’s so simple that I hardly have to lift a finger.

Now I am able to make quick and healthy meals for my family every night (or day) of the week. We hear a lot about outsourcing the things that we don’t do well or don’t like to do — meal planning and grocery shopping top my list. Now I am able to try new recipes (and have all of the ingredients) while cooking well for my family and doing it all in record time so I can continue to maximize the other limited resources I have.

I’ve partnered with eMeals for free giveaways this week!

If you want a chance to be entered into the giveaway, simply join our email list by signing up on between June 24 – June 30th.

One lucky winner will receive a year’s worth of free meal planning and prep from eMeals.

The winner will be notified on July 1st. Good luck and, I hope this brings some extra time, attention, and savings to your pocketbook today!


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